We Are Enough

I have 4 half written blog posts that I need to finish, all on varying subjects, but this just felt like something that needed to be said. And quickly. So you’ll forgive if this is a little scrappy round the edges, poorly constructed or just a mess of words, but the timing of it is just too important, I need to get the words out today. We all know that the world has been upside down since March, and just as things seem to be returning to a version of normal, many of us are venturing back out into the … Continue reading We Are Enough

Oscar Performance

Continuing on with my theme of choosing men with problems, a little story today about a brief dalliance with an actor. He was never going to be the love of my life, was always destined to be a fling, but he did provide me with the greatest first date I’ve ever had, one that I doubt will ever be topped. We matched on tinder last March. I live in a theatre town, there are always actors everywhere. I’ve had my hair cut next to Dame Judi Dench, drank Tequila with Christopher Ecclestone, seen Sir Ian McKellan’s penis and touched David … Continue reading Oscar Performance

Tits and Ass

My last blog seems to have struck a chord with many. The feedback has been amazing, and thanks to everyone that has taken the time to message me, provide feedback and share some of their own experiences with me. It’s definitely made me think, and that’s what today’s blog is inspired by. Although the last piece involves a major player from the last few months, there’s a consistent theme that will and has run through all of my dating stories since I was old enough for a cheeky finger at the back of Chicago’s. I have a type. Not a … Continue reading Tits and Ass

Walking away.

Lockdown has been bloody fantastic for a number of reasons. A break from the real world. A break from work and the realisation that I spend too much time thinking about it. More time to get done the never ending list of jobs that have accumulated over the 13 years of owning my house. No reason to go out, no reason to be disappointed on a first date. I deleted the final dating app because I’m happy with where I am right now, and with what I have going with the right guy at the wrong time. That would be … Continue reading Walking away.

The Travelling Sex Locum

It’s time for some old dating stories! That was initially the point of this blog, I have enough funny/brutal/heartbreaking stories to fill a trilogy, but thought a blog was a better place to start. Then life kind of happened, men happened, feelings took over and I ended up writing about them instead. With the current situation making any new developments less than exciting (for those asking, poor communication guy has really stepped it up and we are going strong, will definitely see him on the other side. The ‘mate’ turns out isn’t such a good friend after all!), it’s time … Continue reading The Travelling Sex Locum

Right Man, Wrong Time

Ah, the old adage. If I had a pound for every time I’d been told it’s just not the right time I’d be spending this lockdown in the Maldives instead of my two bed semi. But sometimes it really is true, and sometimes it’s me that forces that decision, not them. Some of it’s a barrier that’s built up over years, some a fear of the future, some just plain old stubbornness. But fuck me has 2020 been a bitch of a year so far. Last time I wrote a piece, I was waxing lyrical about kindness and understanding others. … Continue reading Right Man, Wrong Time


The timing of this blog is no mistake, with the terrible news this week along with some personal recent dating experiences, it got me to thinking about the effects of dating, both online and otherwise, on mental health. Even before the news broke on Saturday about Caroline Flack, I had been experiencing the very real effects of the pressure of dating on both mine and others wellbeing. I won’t go into too much detail, they aren’t my stories to tell or my feelings to express. But I do want to talk about kindness, and the importance of always thinking about … Continue reading Kindness

The benefit of doubt

Followers of my twitter will know that yesterday was the rescheduled date of last weekend. The one where he didn’t show. We have met since that non date because despite my usual block and delete, one chance mentality, I went against it and we had an evening together on Monday. Everything was great, he’s great. There’s no games, there’s no bullshit. I know where I stand and I think if he lost interest he would just tell me. It’s refreshing, but fuck me it’s dangerous. It means the guards get lowered, it means the potential feelings start, and with feelings, … Continue reading The benefit of doubt

Old school dating

I should have had a date today. A second date. Since matching on tinder 12 days ago we have messaged everyday on WhatsApp and spoken every day on the phone. On Thursday we went for a ‘quick drink’ after work and spent the evening chatting and laughing and getting to know each other face to face. It was amazing, and made me really look forward to our planned date today. We should have been meeting early afternoon, strolling into town, day drinking and then watching the man united game. Possibility of back to mine, few more drinks and an adult … Continue reading Old school dating

The unsolicited dick pic, a call to arms.

The Unsolicited Dick Pic.  It’s the stuff of nightmares for all those treading through the murky waters of online dating.  I’ve often joked that I would publish a book one day of all of the photos I’ve received over the years (must start saving and stop deleting), and then I realised that it had been at least 6 months since I had received a dick pic, unsolicited or otherwise, and it got me to thinking why. Am I going for a different kind of man based on their profile?  Am I giving off a different vibe when I’m talking to … Continue reading The unsolicited dick pic, a call to arms.