I’ve seen a lot of stuff recently around dealbreakers. Tweets, blogs, general discussions. Everyone has them it seems. People are looking for that gold standard person, the one that ticks every box. The one that has the perfect profile, the one that fits the given criteria. I’ve had dealbreakers for as long as I’ve been … Continue reading Dealbreakers

We Are Enough

I have 4 half written blog posts that I need to finish, all on varying subjects, but this just felt like something that needed to be said. And quickly. So you’ll forgive if this is a little scrappy round the edges, poorly constructed or just a mess of words, but the timing of it is … Continue reading We Are Enough


The timing of this blog is no mistake, with the terrible news this week along with some personal recent dating experiences, it got me to thinking about the effects of dating, both online and otherwise, on mental health. Even before the news broke on Saturday about Caroline Flack, I had been experiencing the very real … Continue reading Kindness