Oscar Performance

Continuing on with my theme of choosing men with problems, a little story today about a brief dalliance with an actor. He was never going to be the love of my life, was always destined to be a fling, but he did provide me with the greatest first date I’ve ever had, one that I … Continue reading Oscar Performance

Tits and Ass

My last blog seems to have struck a chord with many. The feedback has been amazing, and thanks to everyone that has taken the time to message me, provide feedback and share some of their own experiences with me. It’s definitely made me think, and that’s what today’s blog is inspired by. Although the last … Continue reading Tits and Ass


The timing of this blog is no mistake, with the terrible news this week along with some personal recent dating experiences, it got me to thinking about the effects of dating, both online and otherwise, on mental health. Even before the news broke on Saturday about Caroline Flack, I had been experiencing the very real … Continue reading Kindness